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Daichin@lj is back.
hikaru yaotome
Ive decided not to abandon this account anymore because of three things.

Hey_evening and I are bestfriends again.
Next is I can forsee myself being depressed again.
Lastly, yesterday was my 18th birthday and I cant wait to input the mixed emotions I felt yesterday.

I didnt ask for anything on my bday but I am honestly expecting more.
The only thing that made me
happy are the hbd greetings i recvd from my friends on fb. Well at least there are more than 20 people who honestly know my birthdate. 20 out of 1000 friends I have on facebook.
Only 1 of my crushes greeted me. And my mom's cooking was terrible. She rushed too much idk whats on her mind.

I cant holdback my tears even tho I know how stubborn I really am that time. I didnt spend time with my cousins bcos I was busy being a brat. And yes. I tweeted that my cousins are awesome bcause they really are! They were trying to cheer me up but I only noticed it when the rain has stopped and they're about to leave. See how bitch ive bcome?

And theres this one boy.. ive been waiting for his text because I know deep down that his greetings will turn my day the other way around. But that text didnt come .. and it is very depressing. So. What i did is think of my cousins all day so I may not perform any childish acts.

I wish I could impress those ppl someday so that they wont look down on me again. I was typecasted as a baby princess, but I dont want that anymore. This time I want more respect than pity, and I will make it sure that I will earn it soon!

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Well, actually I had worse than that. 20? It's less than 10 for me, I remember. Or maybe 10. And yes, that was also on my 18th birthday. Now I don't give a damn about FB anymore. LOOOOOOL

Er, I actually greeted you on Twitter but I forgot your username already, and I have a new (and hopefully inconspicuous) one orz. Saw the cute animal in Japanese winter snow? That's me. XDDDDDDDD

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